What is Collective – A Craft Beer Shop?
  • We’re a liquor store, focused on craft beer from micro-breweries. We have a 20 tap growler bar, that constantly rotates to keep things fresh and exciting! We also offer 9 beautiful fridges full of bottles and cans sold in singles. This way you can explore different styles of beer, from different breweries, without having to commit to a 4 or 6-pack.
Can you drink on-site?
  • No. We do not have a liquor licence that allows you to drink on-site. 
Can my children come into the shop?
  • Yes. We allow minors as long as they are accompanied by an adult. We love getting to know you and your family, including your children. We do ask that you supervise your children while you shop, as we want everyone shopping to enjoy their experience. We’re very appreciative when kids are patient and don’t treat our space like a gymnasium. When we’re able to, we’ll praise their good behaviour and your kiddos may even get a treat!
  • Are you dog friendly?
    • Yes! We love your fur babies and enjoy them coming in for a visit. We ask that your pup is on a leash.
    Do you only sell beer?
    • No. We also sell wine, spirits, sparkling mead, ciders, non-alcoholic beer and craft sodas. A little something for everyone!
    Do you have non-alcoholic beer?
    • We sure do!
    Do you only carry “local” beer?
    • As a family business, we pride ourselves on supporting other small local businesses such as the many breweries in Calgary and Alberta. We easily fill our shelves and taps with Alberta alone, but we also want to bring craft from all over the world to our Collective family.
    Do we brew beer?
    • No, we do not. We leave that to the brilliant brewers!
    What is a growler bar?
    • A growler bar allows our customers to bring home 32oz and 64oz containers of fresh craft beer. Our taps rotate daily. As soon as a keg runs out, we tap a fresh brand new keg from a different brewery. In other words, all the kegs on-deck are different from the ones that appear on the tap menu.
    How many taps do you have?
    • 20!
    How often do our taps change?
    • Taps change constantly, so download the app “Untappd” if you want to see what we are pouring in real time. This live menu is also included on the “What’s At the Shop” page of our website.
    Do you offer samples?
    • Samples have been suspended due to COVID-19. 
    What kind of container can I fill from the growler bar?
    • We fill Growlers (64oz amber bottles or insulated thermos-style), Howlers (32oz amber bottles or insulated thermos-style) and Crowlers™ (32oz aluminum cans – that we provide). We sell all containers at the shop.
    If I own a Growler or Howler from a brewery can I fill it at Collective?
    • Absolutely! We don’t discriminate…as long as it’s clean!
    How long does a Crowler™, Howler or Growler stay fresh?
    • Our taps are super cool! We purge all the containers we fill with a blended gas of nitrogen and carbon dioxide before we add beer. This gas is heavier than oxygen, and the beer is heavier than both. This means that your beer stays freshly carbonated longer than a fill off of a regular tap. We encourage drinking beer fresh, but if you aren’t able to enjoy it right away, you have a grace period of 10 days, as long as it has not been opened and has been kept in the fridge.
    • Once you open your container, the clock is ticking. Oxygen breaks down the carbonation, changing the enjoyment of the otherwise tasty beer.
    How much does it cost to fill a Crowler™, Howler or Growler?
    • Fill prices vary. It all depends on style, ingredients and where the beer originated from. 32oz fills typically range from $8 to $14, and 64oz fills typically range from $15 to $30.
    How do I clean my Growler or Howler?
    • Keeping your Growler or Howler clean is very easy. As soon as you pour your last drink, fill it half full with hot water, give it a good shake and empty. It wouldn’t hurt to repeat this process a couple of times. Once emptied, turn upside down and air dry. Once your container is completely dry, reapply the lid and bring it back to refill. If by chance you don’t have a lid, we have them, but we encourage reusing your lid.
    • If you are like most of us, sometimes we forget about rinsing our vessel’s of deliciousness. If this happens, rinse with hot water. If it is still ripe, add a little white vinegar and hot water and shake. Then rinse until it smells clean. We will not fill dirty Howlers or Growlers!
    • If you have a small mouth Howler, please bring in your lid. We do not have small lids.
    Can I order beer from you?
    • Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
    • If you are in love with a certain packaged product, we will bring it in for you, as long as it’s available for distribution in Alberta.
    • We also sell kegs! We would be more than happy to bring in a keg for your Kegerator, or for your special event. We do charge a deposit on the keg and pump (in case you decide to keep it).

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